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What I do

With more than twenty years of experience in management and consulting, my scope is broad. I did stand-up comedy and ran blogs in a corporate environment, facilitated organisational change and innovation, ran big organisations and managed some very complex projects. I am a writer and an analytical mind. What I am really interested in is helping with what makes a difference …

Thorough Design

Today, we are talking about data driven organisations. But most often it is a long way from data to insights, from the pieces of the puzzle to the bigger picture; especially if not all the pieces are available. I help transforming information into insights and insights into action. In-depth experience with operations, sales, consulting and IT helps. So does knowing the way information is spread and decisions are taken in different organisations. Yet data and insights are data and insights. They might be subject to interpretation but they mustn't be spun and they can be simplified only so much. The challenge is finding structures and principles. That is what I can help with.

Sustainable Impact

People are what makes all the difference. Working with people, I help facilitate transformation or learning based on experience, expertise (spanning also content expertise) and engagement. But more often than not, the other direction is as important: true listening. You want to find a mission, innovate, fix something that everyone somehow knows is broken or even "just" increase efficiency? -- Listening is the key. And don't confuse the statistics you derive from surveys with listening. Insights emerge on the lines and between the lines. In conversations, not in tick-the-box exercises. Sometimes a more "unbiased" listener helps. I listen and bring an actionable structure into the insights that emerge.

True Engagement

I am a passionate speaker and facilitator. I believe that a light touch, a playful atmosphere and entertaining your audience breaks the ice that sometimes obstructs the flow of learning and development. At the same time, I believe that you can simplify a complex world only so much. Thus I try to blend energy, passion and playfulness with the strive for true insights. My favourite topics are dysfunctions that materialise especially in big organisations and how to overcome them, how to build autonomous and agile organisations and teams and how a deeper understanding of IT and managing IT might be the key for unleashing the benefits that have been promised for so long but have hardly been realised.

No-Nonsense Terms and Conditions

As everything, it is hardly worth anything if it doesn’t somehow materialize. Thus, no-nonsense consulting must be reflected in terms and conditions …

Full Service

No rule goes without exception yet fixed price work is my rule. Time and material based contracts mostly leave the risk with the client. They also lead into working by the clock instead of being driven by results. I am happy to share this risk and I won't argue about small changes in scope. In case there are significant changes, I trust in an early and open dialogue. If you need additional advice, documentation or any form of support related to the project within a year after its end, this will be provided without any additional charge.

Reasonable Rates

Prices should reflect competition to a certain degree and I bring some expertise and experience to the table. I also walk the extra mile. But for some fundamental reasons, I am weary about rates that go over the top. And I have almost no overhead at all. Thus, my rates are reasonable. Maybe surprisingly reasonable. In calculating (fixed) prices I have to figure in the type of engagement and also a bit of the risks they might bear. But again, in the end rates will be in a range that both, my clients and myself can be contented with.

Friends and Partners

The TATIN Institute for Strategy Activation helps you breath life into your strategy and unite business’ and employee’s interests combining proven approaches to strategy implementation with latest research in cognitive sciences and innovative strategic communication.

Anarcon specialises in agile IT consulting, implementation and training of Atlassian product portfolio and tailored solutions in process design, controlling and reporting.

Skubch&Company sind die Management Consultants der Wahl, wenn es um herausfordernde Transformationen an der Nahtstelle von Business und IT geht. Mit einem hochkompetenten Team berät und begleitet Skubch&Company insbesondere Banken, Versicherungen und Dienstleister im Finanzsektor sowie Energieversorger im Rahmen von ganzheitlichen Transformationsprozessen. Dabei besteht die wohl größte derzeitige Herausforderung darin, die Optionen der Digitalisierung für die Weiterentwicklung des Unternehmens konsequent und nachhaltig zu nutzen. Ich selbst arbeite mit Begeisterung als Associate Senior Partner für Skubch&Company.

What Sabine does is as captivating as it is efficient. She transforms content into visuals, mostly into sketches. And as our visual memory is so much better than our verbal one, these visuals stick. Whether you want to record something graphically or want to visualise your message, Sabine’s World of Kensa is the place to go.

I hardly know any other person that is as structured and professional in his mode of operations as Michael is. At the same time, he has a true passion for people, change and development. A rather rare combination.