Das Buch

"Gerhard Hastreiter zeigt mit dem Brennglas auf, was nicht funktioniert in unseren Organisationen und wie wir die Spirale von Mittelmaß und Wahnsinn überwinden können" - Ralf Schneider, Group CIO Allianz SE

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New World - Old Challenges


Today, technology drives business as much as the other way around. Digital Masters take it all whilst the rest of the competition stagnates at best. It is not just about optimization nor it is about the latest fad. It is about a thorough understanding how your business is transformed to a new stage that deserves being called "Digital".


Strategy is about action. Action to getting closer towards what you want your business to be. Certainly it's no longer the time for a five-year-plan. But still you need an idea of how to develop your business, how to make another step towards mastery, how to beat competition. And you have to win others over.


That mantra about change as the only constant isn't wrong. Yet sometimes that change's purpose isn't clear to everyone. Sometimes it is also not clear to everyone what actions pay into that purpose. No wonder, there is some change fatigue. But moving people is the only way to move your organisation, your business.

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No-Nonsense - A Different Type of Consulting

More impact, less slides. Sustainable enablement, not hunting for the next project. Reasonable rates, no overhead. Creative solutions, not just copy and paste


You want to understand how technology can vault your business to the next stage? Or you just have to execute, execute, execute ...?


You want to get rid of dysfunctional habits? You want to transform into an agile organisation? You want to foster innovation?


You want to turn concepts into action? You want to activate your strategy? You want to move people?

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My Story

I have a passion for working with clients at the frontiers of technology, organisational change and individual development. I am convinced that Technological Transformation has to go along with Organizational Transformation in order to have a chance of becoming successful and that in the end, it’s only people that make all the difference. I am a passionate writer, speaker and trainer having published a number of articles related to agile and digital transformation as well as being editor of a book about in-house consulting. Currently I am working on how organisations can remove the impediments that stem from the pre-digital era in order to truly unleash the potential that „Digital“ provides.
With a PhD in Physics, I have worked more than twenty years at the seam between business and IT in one of the world’s most renowned Financial Services company. From IT Development to Sales to IT Management to managing huge scale international projects to Managing Partner at the Global In-House Consultancy with more than 200 consultants based in Germany, Singapore, Italy and France.


Excellent experience in managing IT organisations and projects: infrastructure, customer relationship management, salesforce automation, data and analytics, setup of a global insurance operations platform.

Turning technology into action


First rate experience in process design, simplification and innovation. Bridging the gap between business and IT. Hands-on conceptual work. Large scale international project management. Strategy development.

Towards autonomy, the new organizational paradigm


With a strong passion for people and purpose. Strong experience in building successful, agile organisations. Renowned as speaker, trainer, coach and writer. Inspirational and capable of the unorthodox.

Unleashing creativity and effectiveness